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With every Exchange, you create a Ripple.

When you are an Intentional Contributor, your products & services get shared with other Intentional Contributors who also care about being intentional, eco-friendly, and sustainable. When Intentional Contributors support one another, it creates a ripple of votes for people who care, shifting toward social and economic sustainability.

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myRipple Market is your way to buy and sell intentionally. Create a free portfolio, post updates, and connect with direct messages, or share your websites, social media, location, and any other way you want to connect.

Whether it’s handmade items or essential services, we need intentional alternatives to mass corporations.

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Introducing Intentional Contributor Badges

Share your commitment to being intentional! When you are an Intentional Contributor, your products and services are shared with other Intentional Contributors who care about being intentional, eco-friendly, and sustainable.  Thank…

New Feature: DARK MODE

As the creator, I spend a lot of time here on ROE and know the strain that computer screens can have on the eyes. But there may be another good…

Contribute & Connect During These Hard Times

In times such as these it’s been harder to get the things we need and it makes one realize how much we rely on the system.  That is why Ripple…

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