Getting Started with Ripples

What are Ripples?

Ripples are announcements that Intentional Contributors share about their goods and/or services. This helps others discover and stay up to date.


Ripple Filters

At the top of the Ripples page there are options to filter Ripples.

All Members – all Ripples from all Intentional Contributors

Following – only Ripples from those you follow

My Favorites – only Ripples you have liked

Mentions – only Ripples you are mentioned in



Sharing a Ripple requires at least 1(one) photo.


Emoji or Emoticons

Emoji or Emoticons can be added to your Ripple by clicking the Smiley Face in the top right corner of the Ripple form as shown in the video.


Comment & Like

Comments can contain text, emojis/emoticons, and/or photos.

To delete your own comments click delete in the top right corner.


Mentions & Hashtags

Mention other Intentional Contributors in Ripples and comments simply by using the @ symbol. Select a name from the list or start typing a username.

To find an Intentional Contributors username, go to their profile and look at the url in your browsers address bar.


Pin, Bookmark, Delete

Clicking the three dots at the top right corner of Ripples will display a menu to Pin, Bookmark, and Delete.

Pin a Ripple to keep it at the top of your profile Ripple Feed.

Bookmark a Ripple to save it in your Bookmarks.

Delete will delete your Ripple.

Pin and Delete only show on Ripples you have shared. Otherwise all others Ripples will just show Bookmark.





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