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We are Eco-Friendly Web Design & Hosting. We have a passion to sow seeds of self-realization in what others do so that their ripple not only reaches others, but allows them to fullfill their full potential.



Maplewood Missouri 63143 US


What does intentional mean to you?

Synchronization with the universe/self.

What does a transaction/exchange/trade mean to you?

It means so much! I believe we are exchanging energy for energy no matter the method. You cannot have a good or service to exchange without putting your energy into it. You cannot have money without putting your energy into it. With so many stuck in a cycle of mass consumption we have been disconnected from the profoundness of the human energy exerted. When we accept a good or service from another we accept the energy they put into it into our lives.

How do you feel about money?

I practice feeling good so that I attract good things. I have learned that holding ill feelings towards anything only brings more evidence of those ill feelings. The ultimate feeling is happiness. Money is just a physical thing. I choose to feel good.

What do you look for when supporting individuals or companies?

Passion and love for their craft. I want to support people who love what they do. I want goods and services that what was created with love.

In what ways are you or your work intentional or harmonious?

Personally, I strive to use only resources that are sustainable. Our web hosting is carbon neutral. Our Web Design has an emphasis on optimum performance to reduce the amount of energy needed to load every single page hosted and designed with us.

In what ways do you want to be more intentional or harmonious?

There are currently very little options in the United States for web hosting that is run on full renewable resources. It is more common in other countries. We are constantly looking to improve our sustainability and reduce our carbon-footprint.

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